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Just four more weeks to go until the start of the MEGA event! Once again, please notice that the advance ticket booking will end on June 14th!

Some of the cachers that posted a "will attend" for the MEGA have not booked their tickets. Even if there will be a box office sale, one has to expect long latency times! Major parts of the MEGA will take place within the Ehrenbreitenstein fortress, it is not possible to participate in it without having an admittance ticket/wrist band.

The stock of coins and t-shirts is shrinking: hurry to order what you want and need through our online shop. There will not be a reorder!

Due to frequently asked questions, this is -again - what is included in the ticket price:

  • Admittance to the Ehrenbreitenstein fortress (main location of the MEGA event); cards are configurated for a 10-times access
  • Entrance fee for Deutsches Eck (evening program with award show and concert)
  • free bus shuttles between fortress, Deutsches Eck, and the park and ride places
  • one uphill/downhill ride with the cable car
  • a PETling including the optional participation in the official Project Eck universal championship in PETling long throw
  • participation in games and advanced booked presentations and guided tours

All participants who have booked guided tours or presentations starting at 10:00 a.m. are asked to be at these events in time. Consider enough time for parking, transfers, or the cable car ride. Due to organizational reasons, guided tours will not wait for latecomers. All the information the the official Project Eck homepage will be kept up to date regularly. Make sure that you check back often.

Official Project Eck Video



Third ship for Sunday

We were able to charter a third ship so we are glad to be able to offer 200 more tickets (180 for adults and 20 for children) for our boat trip on sunday. We will sell them in our online shop in four blocks at 50 tickets:

  • Friday, 19.04.13, 8 p.m.
  • Thursday, 25.04.13, 10 p.m.
  • Sunday 28.04.13, 9 a.m.
  • Wednesday, 08.05.13, 7 p.m.


Good luck!

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